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Live Long. And Prosper.

Welcome to Prosperity Paleo Eats.

The Paleo lifestyle focuses on Whole Foods, High Quality Fats

( From plant and animal sources) High quality grass fed meat, Organic vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Root Vegetables.

Excluding foods that cause inflammation such as:

Grains, Legumes, Dairy and Refined Sugar. Exceptions being natural honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar.

To get you acquainted with me; My name is Tania Lillie and I am the founder of Prosperity Life Style Company.

Being a Mom and having a baby later in my youth.

(By later I mean 39) I decided it was important to me to keep my health and vitality at it’s optimal in order to keep up with and have fun with my beautiful Daughter.


After having Ayla and running into some complications (as many women do) I gained A LOT of weight. So much that I really didn’t want to know at all what I weighed. I knew something had to change. I felt the signs of type two diabetes or pre diabetes. Type two after 40 is extremely prevalent on my mothers side. That combined with inflammation from endometriosis and chronic eczema. I knew I couldn’t carry on the way that I was.

So that brings me to My Paleo Journey. At first I started by cutting out carbs, but the more I learned about a paleo lifestyle the more intrigued I became and now here I am almost two years later and now I’m creating my own small business where I consult, coach and offer food items to order for purchase.

This lifestyle offers health and vitality. Whole Foods equal a whole body down to a cellular level. That is the very reason I chose those words as my catch phrase. I learned that while offering my body optimal nutrition my body would start to regulate themselves, my skin would clear, my hair and nails would become less brittle, My weight would start to adjust itself and my energy would come back. 

And most importantly for me I noticed a huge difference in my PMS symptoms and pelvis pain from Endometriosis. This lifestyle isn’t a cure for all illness and should never replace advice from your doctor or physician. But its a fantastic way to compliment your healthy regimen of Body, Mind and Soul maintenance.

I hope I’m able to inspire those of you who have come to my page to look at what you put into your body not as something you only eat for pleasure and to feel full. But to start looking at your food as fuel and fertilizer for your body as a lifeform and organism.

I will be offering a cookbook with healthy recipes to compliment your Health and Fitness journey!

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