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Thank you for coming,

Prosperity Life Style Co. Is a fully online wellness company that was born of my desire for change. My journey through a late diagnosis of ADHD, early childhood trauma, weight gain, disordered eating and a lack of direction made my life mission to heal. 

After many years of therapy, mental health courses, yoga, martial arts, martial arts instruction, fitness kick boxing coaching. I was still finding it difficult to manage myself and find balance.

I was struggling to keep up with my vigorous work out regimes and found myself either working out and starving myself or not working out at all and binge eating. This disordered pattern (I later learned) is a direct result of having ADHD.

I learned that ADHD is a lack of dopamine due to an issue with the brains uptake receptors. Due to a lack of dopamine or the “feel good” chemical. I began to learn that the ADHD brain will “look” for dopamine wherever it can find it. And for people with this disorder that means having to be hypervigilant.

There are positive and negative ways to get dopamine:

1) negative: Lack of structure, alcohol, illicit drugs, binge eating, sugar, physical aggression, hyper sexuality. Hyperfocusing on counterproductive tasks like: video games, gambling etc.

2)Positive: Structure, Healthy diet, natural sugars, restricting calories, physical exercise (in moderation) sex (for adults in a healthy stable relationship) meditation, relaxation techniques, sobriety, outdoor activity, task accomplishment.

Once I learned about myself and my mental disorder I was able to differentiate my poor dopamine seeking vs. using my inner strength to create good habits to provide myself with healthy dopamine. Thereby creating a healthier me by creating healthier habits.

I was able to get mental health support, take courses and learn techniques to “catch myself” more quickly when I began to spiral. And as a normal human I still have my “hiccups” but we are here for PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!

One of the positive things about my healing journey was “tapping out” and asking for help. 

On June 9th 2019 I hit bottom. My weight was out of control. The picture at the top of the page was me one year after having my daughter. I was stressed, scared, low on iron and binge eating non stop. I was unhappy in my marriage but had a tiny baby to look after. I was eating to soothe myself and ended up severely obese, had gallstones, endometriosis flare ups, eczema flare ups and to my horror I ended up with a squamous cell carcinoma on my left calf. 



I was in total denial. But after I saw the pictures of me. At my daughters first Birthday. That was when I saw. I saw that my body was out of control and it was time to change. I had been diagnosed with ADHD 6 years prior but had spiraled badly. I was not using the tools I had learned to cope. 

When I saw the pictures I realized that, no, my stomach was not just stretched from having a baby. I was huge. I was obese. I was too embarrassed to weigh myself. But I know I was over 260 lbs. easily. So I use that as my start weight.

My first step was to change the way I ate. As a previous martial arts and fitness kick boxing coach I knew that I always felt better when I ate “clean” So a focus on protein and less carbohydrates. Which I learned for ADHD is very important. Not spiking our blood sugar is pivotal is maintaining a steady flow of dopamine. Thereby not creating crashes which in turn triggers cravings and then a binge.

I transitioned into a Paleolithic diet. I was successful in losing around 70lbs on my own. However with trends and bad advice from hacks on the internet selling high fat as a healthy lifestyle I was still plateauing at around 184-190 lbs. 

After a year and a half of struggling I tapped out again and reached out to a fitness nutrition coach. It was absolutely crucial to me to maintain my Paleolithic lifestyle as the diet focuses on reducing inflammation through naturally sourced meats, healthy cold processed vegetable fats, high quality fats from animal sources, whole food carbohydrates like root veg, pseudo grains and plantains, organic veg and fruits. 

My coach showed me how to utilize these healthy ingredients in a balanced way and how to fuel my body to optimize muscle growth. I never looked back. 

I am now a Fitness nutrition instructor. I specialize in nutrition and online coaching. 

I realized that I could optimize my health in 4 ways.

Diet: a nutritionally balanced Whole Foods approach.

Food: eating organic, eating Whole Foods and growing your own food where you can.

Fitness: Optimizing movement to maintain metabolism, muscle mass, cardiovascular strength. Increasing mobility and life span.

Beauty: Self care, relaxation time, meditation and healthy bath and beauty products to reduce toxins and inflammation in the body.

It is these 4 cornerstones that lead me to Prosperity Life Style Company. 


My journey included 20 years in restaurant/food industry, hotel and bar. I am a licensed esthetician of 10 years. I have a background in sales and have lived and travelled abroad extensively. 

All these collective experiences have created what you see here today!

I offer one on one Motivation, Fitness and Nutrition coaching!

Healthy recipe ideas with a focus on Whole Foods. (E-Cook book Coming soon)

Naturally based spa quality Skin,bath and beauty products

Sustainable Living tips and tricks 

Thank You for Coming. Please look around.

I’m So Happy You’re here. 

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