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           Welcome to Prosperity Fit! Born of my own desire for change and to “Live Long and Prosper!"

I am specializing in weight loss for women. I can help anyone who desires change wether is to gain muscle and size or to lose fat and size. Man or Woman or anything in between. I am here to help. 

        However due to my own struggles with post partum weight loss, insecurity and the need to “start from scratch” fuels my drive to help women like me in a similar situation. 

        Hormones, mental health and busy life styles can really take a toll on self care. I want you to know I’M HERE TO SUPPORT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

My mission is to take less clients. I will have a total of 5 full time clients at ANYTIME. My goal is not financial. My goal is to create happier healthier people. 




        In my experience happiness, healthiness and good living have a ripple affect. Just as an unhealthy lifestyle will attract negative things. Living your best life will attract GOOD THINGS! If you have found yourself on this page you have most likely gotten to know me over social media and know my style is to honor people, to become friends, build relationships, grow and learn together. To create a community of people who are healthy in body, mind and spirit. honoring ourselves is the first step towards just this!






        Please click the link to join my fitness page! 

   I will give you a FREE initial assessment and we can start your     journey together!

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